People living in and near wind farms tell their stories in videos

Ten year old German girl tests wind farm noise

Cute young girl uses an iPad with a sound monitor to test the sound from various things in comparison to the wind turbines on the hill near her home in Freiburg, Germany.

Ontario Rural Dweller video from her porch of 60 wind turbines in sight

In Chatham Kent, a home-owning couple on 2.5 acres of land can see 60 wind turbines from their porch and have lived among them for four years. Hear her talk about the lack of impacts on her, her family and her neighbours.

Living with wind energy in Flyers Creek, Australia

Living with Wind in Tipperary, Ireland – GreenWire

Neighbours and hosts of the Lisheen Wind Farm in Ireland tell their stories of initial concerns and how unfounded they were. Also, bonus access roads help the farmers get around their property; they use it all the time.

Embedded video on site –

Texan rancher of cattle and horses explaining how the wind turbines help him with cattle feed and expansion

Embedded video on site –

Australian explaining that he allowed five wind turbines on his farm for his grand kids. Bonus cute grand kid too.

The Way the Wind Blows

Neil Barrett’s great documentary series on Waubra residents living among the Waubra Wind Farm in Australia telling their stories in their own words.

  • Condensed 12 minute version –
  • Introduction Neil Barrett 1 of 12
  • Rod Brennan neighbour 2 of 12
  • Ken Ewing host 3 of 12
  • Lawrence & Kerryn Gallagher hosts 4 of 12
  • Tony & Margaret McDonald neighbours 5 of 12
  • David Clark neighbour 6 of 12
  • Steve & Karen Molloy hosts 7 of 12
  • Elizabeth Daynes neighbour 8 of 12
  • Ted & June Harrison hosts 9 of 12
  • Marie Loader neighbour 10 of 12
  • Doug Hobson host 11 of 12
  • Credits